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Cool Custom Installs – Pontiac Grand Prix

In this edition of our Car Toys Cool Custom Installs we are bringing you a sweet install on a Pontiac Grand Prix done by Marcus R. at our Baybrook Texas location. Check out the install and what he has to say about it below!

From the Installer:

What did you enjoy most about this job or working on this vehicle?

I enjoyed the most was I had total creative control on the install (a blank canvas)

Approximately how much time would you say it took you to complete?

The job itself took me 3 weeks because we were always adding more things

Was there any special equipment needed to complete the job or techniques that you used?

Fiberglass, several strips of blue led , sandblasting machine, plexiglass , special router bits for cutting and routering plexiglass  lots of mdf  was used to complete the install

What makes this install so “cool”?

The layout of the trunk was simple yet elegant with very clean lines and it fell right into the customer’s personality.


Car Toys Custom Installs Pontiac Grand Prix - Marcus R


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