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Cool Custom Installs – Cadillac Deville

CJ M. of the North Seattle Car Toys store gave this Cadillac Deville a major upgrade! Check out what he had to say about it and the picture below!

From the Installer:

What did you enjoy most about this job or working on this vehicle?

This was a really cool install. It didn’t cost a lot to do the custom work and it was really loud.

Approximately how much time would you say it took you to complete?

I completed this job in 2 days

Was there any special equipment needed to complete the job or techniques that you used?

There are a few things that help this car get so loud. There is an epicenter install and 3 600w amps to move the 3 JL Audio 12W6V2 woofers. There is 1 4ch Rockford Fosgate amplifier. An upgraded battery under the hood and 4 1.5 farod capacitors to keep every thing powered up.

Car Toys Custom Installs - Cadillac Deville

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