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Going the Way of the Tablet: It’s time to tab!

Tablets are not the wave of the future – they are the essential tool of today. Since the debut of the Microsoft Tablet PC roughly a decade ago, technology has come a long way. The first universally accepted tablet was the iPad. Soon after Toshiba, Samsung and Blackberry hit the market with their own tablets, making this revolutionary and easy-to-use technology widely accessible to the general tech-toting public. They have quickly become an every day tool, acting as a replacement to cameras, computers and, of course, the standard pad of paper – their uses are practically endless. How would you unleash the power of the tablet?

Hours of Entertainment
Let’s face it — most of us with a tablet use it for entertainment purposes. But, as we know, there’s more to do than simply browse the web. The android app Musical Pro can turn your tablet into your own mobile piano, guitar or ukulele (okay, maybe not the latter), and sounds so realistic your friends might confuse you for Mozart or Jimmy Page. Well, maybe not that good… but you get the picture.

Tablets can also be integrated into your daily drive, allowing you to play your entire music library on every car ride. From Beiber to Bach, using Bluetooth will allow Pandora or Spotify streaming right from your car. Tablets can provide hours of entertainment for kids as well, with games like Ant Smasher, Steamy Window and of course, the classic, Angry Birds. Currently, the Android Market has over 250,000 apps and over 4.5 million downloads. The ratio of those apps that are used to distract from actual work was not readily available; but we imagine the number is fairly large!

At the Office, In a Meeting — You Name It!
Businesses are riding the tech wave with Kelly Slater-like precision, and are integrating tablet usage into their everyday business regimen. Many restaurants are using various menu applications, trading their usual paper menus for the tablet. This allows for a better and more dynamic customer experience — and possibly a higher tab after you wolf down your porterhouse!

Retailers are using tablets as a way to educate their customers about their product when they are knee deep in other people, which keeps those customers engaged. We’ve even been known to use tablets for presentations on-the-go to create a more interactive meeting. Some of the more tech-savvy Real Estate agents use tablets to show homes available rather than traveling from house to house. How does this affect their commission? I don’t have the answer… but it sure makes house viewing exciting!

Now that we’ve shared some creative ways to use them, it’s your turn. How would you put a tablet computer to use? Share your ideas!

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